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Look how cool this classic motorcycle is!  Pictures don't lie.

NOTE:  These photos have been resized smaller to load quicker.  High resolution original digital photos available upon request.

- This auction is for a 1981 Yamaha XS650 Retro Euro-Cafe Style Motorcycle -

I must admit... although the bike was near new condition when I bought it in the late Fall of 1987, with 4900 miles on it, it has never looked as cool as it does now in flat black and cafe style handlebars.  Wish it looked this cool when it was my main transportation.  Back in those days it was called a 'Special II' by Yamaha.  I can't accurately tell you the mileage of this motorcycle since I have replaced the gauges I think twice now?  My guess would be about 45,000 on the frame, crankcase and entire bottom end of the engine.  The seat pan and tank came along for the ride... oh and rear shocks are original, though I painted them red in the 90's sometime.  The current set of gauges are from a 70's vintage XS and the speedometer goes up to 140 MPH and both gauges work flawlessly.  The original speedometer had a peg right at 85 MPH which was very inconvenient as you might imagine!  The current Odometer reading is 39,138.. but as I previously stated.. not the actual mileage.  I am quite sad to see her go as she was a terrific and reliable first motorcycle.  Plenty of tickets from police in 4 states can be blamed on this bike.  I have so many memories and stories to tell about her.. but those are not relevant here.  I will just say this.  I am selling her because I have outgrown the size of this motorcycle and she deserves a new home with a rider willing to treat her right.  Lots of parts have been changed over the years.. many are new or near new as you can see in the pictures.  The entire top end of the engine was completely rebuilt and has less than 500 miles on her since.  That's a full valve job with NEW valves.  Cylinders were honed by a machine shop for perfect cross hatching and break-in.  New rings installed with a new cam chain.  All assembled with new OEM Yamaha gaskets, seals and o-rings.  The motor has great compression and is strong.  Kick starting is the preferred method of turnover as the electric start is making unpleasant noises when used... it does work though.  And the engine starts right up with one good kick.  In addition to the XS650, I will include a huge tote full of extra parts.  Including electrical parts such as relays, regulators, switches, spare wiring harness and a starter to replace the tired one it has now.  Mechanical parts such as a rear sprocket, front brake master cylinder, cables and more nuts and bolts than you could find in stock at any dealership, for sure.  All the extras were collected over the years and many came from a complete XS650 I tore down for parts.  This was the donor bike for the forks and wheels.  Forks are straight and were resealed and oiled in 1994 but have only driven maybe 3000 miles since and show no signs of leaking.  Lots of extra stuff, which just makes a good deal even better.  Is this a perfect all original, 100% garaged showroom bike??.  NO WAY!!  This is a ridden and loved time honored work horse that has had some upgrades & customization while on it's last tear down and rebuild.  It has been stored indoors and out of the weather for over a decade.  In fact..  over the last 14 years she has spent 4 of them in pieces being polished and planned for another day.  Finally, she's back and ready to be ridden again.  She'll need some love and care like any good women, but she has a lot of life left in her.

Complete Top End Engine Rebuilt

Crankcase, Exhaust, Induction & Electrical

Drive-train & Chassis

  • new OEM valves
  • new OEM valve guides and seals
  • new cam bearings
  • new cam seals
  • new cam chain
  • new cam chain tensioner guide
  • new front cam chain guide
  • honed cylinders
  • painted jugs & hand polished cooling fins
  • hand polished cylinder head cooling fins
  • new OEM piston rings installed
  • all new OEM gaskets and o-rings used
  • new paint on crankcase/gearbox (silver)
  • powder-coated engine brackets
  • polished OEM headers
  • new "megaphone-style" mufflers
  • custom cone style air filter elements
  • custom cone style crankcase breather
  • non-vacuum style fuel petcock w/reserve
  • custom "integrated" rear turn signals
  • updated flasher assembly and mount
  • Euro H4 halogen headlight conversion
  • new alternator brushes (less then 5 miles)
  • battery under 2 years and stored inside
  • new coils and NGK wires
  • new Denso spark plugs
  • new clutch discs & return springs
  • new clutch pushrod bushing kit
  • new clutch pushrod seal
  • cafe-style handlebars (1992)
  • SuperBike rubber grips (1992)
  • VistaCruise brand throttle-lock (works but sun faded)
  • Custom polished aluminum headlight brackets
  • trick "bullet-style" front turn signals
  • aluminum wheel conversion
  • polished wheel lip/spoke edges
  • modified and painted rear fender
  • custom license plate bracket with working light
  • front tire less than 500 miles

For the sake of disclosure, I will list the things that I know it needs now or soon.

  • rear tire (no cords showing but tread is gone)
  • carburetors need overhaul and possibly new jetting, depending on your elevation
  • mufflers need glass packing. They are virtually open straight through (bike is very loud)
  • chain needs lube and adjustment (should be good for a few miles still)
  • headlight bucket works but is dented and cracked and ugly
  • seat has a very small hole from a sharp object mishap last year. Possibly a vinyl repair expert could fix? (see picture below)
  • starter works but is making a noise, there is spare starter in the parts bin I am including in this auction (see picture below)
  • one of the brake bulbs might be burned out (easy fix)
  • mirrors are very cheap and don't stay adjusted
  • new engine side covers would really make this bike look cherry.
Seat Damage Spare Parts Bin

Bike starts, runs and drives great!  Here is proof.

- This video proves this motorcycle can still outrun a little girl on bicycle and that dogs want to chase after it -







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Bidding starts at only $99.99 with no reserve!


One (1) 1981 XS650H with clear title

One (1) Bin of spare parts (see description above)

One (1) Clymer repair manual

One (1) Mike's XS Catalog (full of all the parts and toys to complete this custom to your liking)

Note: Motorcycle is used and sold as is with NO warranty.  Sale is final.

- Pickup and Shipping -

Winning bidder to arrange shipping if required.  Local pickup either by you or a shipping company.  For a $25 fee, I am willing to deliver the bike within the Salt Lake City metro area to a shipping terminal or residence you specify.  Winner will be fully responsible for all shipping arrangements and associated costs.  If I am to deliver the motorcycle within the Salt Lake City metro area, we can work out those details at that time.  I will not be held liable for any damage to the motorcycle during shipment, either by me or otherwise.  I am flexible and I will do everything I can to make this a smooth purchase within reason and within the limits I am outlining here.  I will assist in any manner possible for local pickup by you or an agent sent by you such as a shipping company.  I will assist in packing and other preparations such as draining fluids etc.  I will only provide my time and labor.  I will NOT contribute any other resources such as packing materials, pallets, crates or tie-downs, etc.  Winning bidder must provide these or make arrangements.

Bike weighs about 400lbs with the tote of extras.

I am willing to answer any questions either by email or by phone.  If you have questions, email me your question or phone number and I will promptly reply or call you.  I will not post my phone number or yours on the internet.  If you want to come by and see the bike in person email me and we can make arrangements. 

Payment methods excepted are Personal or Cashier's Check or Money Order or Cash in person.  Sorry, no PayPal for this auction.  I will not release the motorcycle and title until payment is made in full and any checks have cleared and funds have been confirmed by my bank.

Thanks for looking and good luck bidding!